COSTA RICA - JULY 2013 - Adventure through three different Costa Rican eco-systems with award-winning nature photographer, Jeff Parker.

Jeff Parker's Honduras Photo Tour

Your Tour—The Basics

July 26 ~  August 4, 2013            ****  NOTE:  Only three (3) spaces left!  

Stimulate your sense of wonder and adventure with award-winning photographer Jeff Parker through three different Costa Rican eco-systems.

We spend our first three days exploring the flora and fauna of the incredibly diverse Caribbean-slope lowland rainforest. This lush evergreen region northeast of the Cordillera gives rise to a wonderful variety of life.

Photograph incredible wildlife such as monkeys, coati, agouti, toucans,and myriad other tropical critters found along the Sarapiquí River, including (hopefully) the endangered Great Green Macaw. The life cycle of these vociferous parrots depends upon Dipteryx panamensis—the wild almond trees still nurtured here—so this region provides a good chance of focusing our lenses on these natural beauties.

Next, while we remain on Costa Rica’s Caribbean slope, our journey takes us upward into what is known as a “primary pre-montane” ecosystem. Here, the terrain remains verdant and vibrant, but also becomes mountainous. We’ve entered coffee country. And, while hummingbirds thrive throughout Costa Rica, you’ll soon realize why this location has earned the moniker “Hummer Heaven.” Mountain streams and deep-forest trails aid the unique environment in providing visitors with a peaceful experience.

Finally, we discover our third ecosystem within the moist cloud forest of the Talamanca Mountains as we climb to our highest elevation. Amidst an ethereal world of epiphytes, ferns, and oaks a phenomenal range of species exists, including the Resplendent Quetzal. These endemic birds rely heavily on Ocotea (spp.) trees, which grow throughout this misty, rugged landscape..

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The Wildlife

What You May See and/or Photograph

Costa Rica jumped on Central America’s nature-tourism bandwagon first for good reason.

Not only does the tiny democracy boast a stable and safe political environment, but thanks to its unique geographic position and geology its natural environment hosts an amazing array of plant and animal life.


Resplendent Quetzal; Scaled Antpitta; Black Guan; Emerald Toucanet; Trogons; Purple-throated Fruit Crow; Black-faced Grosbeak; Great Green Macaw; Keeled Bill Toucan; Montezuma’s Oropendola; Snowcap; Roufous Motmot; Green-fronted Lancebill; Violet-crowned Woodnymph; Brown Violet-ear; Green Hermit; Green Thorntail; Violet Sabrewing; Brown-billed Scythebill; Red-footed Plumeleteer; Green-crowned Brilliant; Tinamous; Caciques; Snowy Cotinga; Golden-hooded Tanager; Sunbittern; Chachalaca; White-colored Manakin; and likely plenty of others…over 850 bird species have been recorded in Costa Rica!



Spider Monkeys; Mantled Howler Monkeys; White-faced Capuchins; Leaf-cutter Ants; Sloths; Variegated Squirrels; Red-tailed Squirrel; Coati; Agouti; Tree Frogs and other frogs; Bats (Costa Rica boasts 109 species!); Blue-morpho Butterflies & lots of other amazing Butterflies; Brazilian Rabbit; Mexican Hairy Porcupine; Green Basilisk; plenty of one of the 12,000 Moths of Costa Rica (just wait…you never knew moths could be so beautiful!); Iguanas; Collared Peccaries; and more...!


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Your Accommodations

Selva Verde Rainforest Lodge was started in 1985 as one of Costa Rica’s first nature-tourism lodges. Nestled into 500 acres of Caribbean-slope lowland rainforest, it holds steadfast to the mission that it's had since inception: dedication to conservation of the rainforest and its inhabitants.

Its location on the banks of the Sarapiquí River allows visitors to view and photograph a remarkable array of wild visitors, from peccaries to sloths to monkeys to endemic and migratory birds. The grounds include both old-growth and second-growth forest and the canopy they create gives rise to its own unique world.

Check out this 360° view of one of the rooms:

Selva Verde DeckSelva Verde Porch



Rancho Naturalista RoomOver 430 species of birds have been spotted at this lodge, located in the mountainous primary pre-montane ecosystem on the Caribbean slope side of Costa Rica. Known among photographers and birders alike as one of the very best spots for hummingbird photography in Costa Rica, bring your flashes and your feeders and come prepared to take home amazing imagery.

Relish three full sit-down, family-style meals made from locally-grown fresh ingredients and enjoy a room with a veranda or a balcony. The lodge boasts views throughout of Costa Rica's two largest volcanoes—Volcán Turrialba and Volcán Irazu.


Enjoy misty vistas of the Highlands of Talamanca as you explore trails dotted with bromeliads, orchids, and ferns. Discover waterfalls and mountain streams within the mysterious fog of the cloud forest.

After a day of photography that includes the Resplendent Quetzal, other endemic life, and dramatic landscapes, snuggle into bed in your heated room for a quiet rest.



The first night of our tour we will stay at the top-rated Hotel Bougainvillea in Santo Domingo.


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Your Tour Leader, Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker is equal parts photographer, teacher, adventurer, nature-lover, and conservationist. You’ll find him patient, straight-forward, low-key, and thoroughly engaged. His affinity for Central American wildlife runs deep.

Jeff captured winnings in Images for Conservation’s 2010 Pro-Tour and also earned his share of awards in the 2007, 2009, and 2011 Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contests.

His work has appeared in many publications and websites including: Audubon, NANPA’s Expressions 2011 and 2012, American Profile, American Airlines’ Celebrated Living-CL, Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine, Texas Wildlife Magazine, and Cenizo.

Look for his photographs in the books: Images for Conservation (Pro-Tour Series): Borderlands of Laredo and Wildlife in Focus IV and V and VI.

Jeff proudly belongs to the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), the Nature Conservancy, the Houston Audubon Society, Travis Audubon Society, and the Bastrop County Audubon Society. He’s a graduate of the 2010 inaugural class of Corpus Christi Certified Wildlife Guides.

Jeff always maintains a low-participant ratio so he can provide a personable experience. His goal is multi-faceted: he wants you to have a truly wonderful vacation, learn about the wildlife you've come to see, and take home new photography skills and great images.

Accompanying and assisting Jeff will be his bilingual wife, Mary O. Parker. Mary is a Watchable Wildlife Industry consultant, freelance writer, and a former Spanish teacher.

Parkers in Costa Rica


BOOK TODAY!     Only three (3) spaces left!  
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Your Tour—Some Specifics

Please note: This is our estimated schedule and we’ll do our best to stick to this itinerary as much as possible, but certain conditions may necessitate changes. Good photographic experiences and plenty of chances to view wildlife will be our goals at all times.

DAY 1:  Friday, July 26, 2013

  • Plan to arrive in San José by 5:00pm. There, you’ll be greeted by Jeff and his wife, Mary, who will transport you to your nearby hotel room.
  • After a short rest, we’ll gather for an orientation, and an overview of our upcoming adventure.
  • We’ll enjoy our first dinner together.
  • Lodge in premier accommodations (double-occupancy unless otherwise requested…please see “What’s Included?” below for more info).

DAY 2: Saturday, July 27, 2013

  • Journey to Selva Verde Lodge where we’ll spend three (3) nights nestled into the tropical rainforest lowlands of Sarapiquí.
  • This location provides our best chance of photographing the Great Green Macaw, an endangered species that depends on the Dipteryx (common name: alemendro tree) for feeding and nesting.  More than 60 species rely on these trees for survival and photo ops will be plentiful (their interesting character makes the trees themselves quite photo-worthy!).
  • Evening photo shoot alongside the wildlife-rich banks of the Sarapiquí River
  • Our three meals per day will be fresh and tasty, served with plenty of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

DAY 3: Sunday, July 28, 2013

  • Awake to the sounds of the rainforest as the primeval bark of howler monkeys welcome you to the jungles of Sarapiquí.
  • Head out with Jeff for a nature walk and your first morning photo shoot.
  • Other activities – TBA
  • Workshop/instructional/critiquing time with Jeff
  • Evening photo shoot
  • Night hike (bring your headlamp!)

DAY 4: Monday, July 29, 2012

  • Rise and shine once again to the primitive serenade of the rainforest.
  • Today, we’ll visit La Selva Biological Station, run by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) and one of four best-known tropical research facilities in the world. Bring your equipment as photo ops abound at La Selva! Home to 120 known species of mammals, 420 species of birds, 500 species of butterflies, and 55 species of snakes you’ll be sure to spot something here worth capturing on that memory card. Check out this link.
  • Evening photo shoot

DAY 5: Tuesday, July 30, 2012

  • Morning photo shoot before departing for Rancho Naturalista
  • We arrive at Rancho Naturalista, a very special retreat known by photographers and birders worldwide for its amazing diversity and quantity of hummingbirds.
  • Take in the impressive view of Costa Rica’s two tallest volcanoes, Volcán Turrialba and Volcán Irazu, as you relax on the wooden deck and listen to the unique “water-drop cooing” sounds of Montezuma Oropendulas.
  • Evening photo shoot at Hummingbird Highway…um, the balcony. Bring your flashes and flash stands.
  • Rancho Naturalista is known for its wonderful food. Three meals per day will be served by the extremely professional staff. Dinner is always full-course, but still casual.

DAY 6: Wednesday, July 31, 2012

  • Awake at Rancho Naturalista to the rhythm of birdsong.
  • Early-bird hike (morning photo shoot).
  • Later today we’ll enjoy a walk to visit the hummingbird pools in the forest.
  • Evening photo shoot at the hummingbird and/or butterfly gardens.

DAY 7: Thursday, August 1, 2012

  • Morning photo shoot at Rancho Naturalista before departing for the cloud forest
  • Arrive at Savegre Mountain Lodge and settle into your room in the ethereal mist.
  • Other activities - TBA
  • Workshop/instructional/critiquing time with Jeff
  • Evening photo shoot
  • Enjoy three delicious Costa Rican style meals per day (the food in Costa Rica is not spicy).
  • Night time critter watching

DAY 8: Friday, August 2, 2012

  • Early-bird hike (morning photo shoot) at Savegre in search of Resplendent Quetzales, those magnificent native birds. Quetzales rely on the Ocotea (wild avocado) trees, which grow in this moist terrain. Lore has it that to the ancient peoples they represented mystery and freedom—traits of the cloud forest in which they reside
  • Mid-day macro workshop.
  • Extra workshop/instructional/critiquing time with Jeff today
  • Evening photo shoot
  • Other activities - TBA

DAY 9: Saturday, August 3, 2012

  • Morning photo shoot at Savegre before departing for San José area
  • Other activities - TBA
  • Return to San José area for a farewell dinner and an overnight stay at comfortable accommodations so that you may rest well for your departing flight the following day.

DAY 10: Sunday, August 4, 2012

  • Awake in your room in near San José.
  • Breakfast as time allows before departing flights


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What's Included?

The cost of this all-inclusive trip is $3197 per person.

Jeff Parker’s “Costa Rica in Focus” includes all accommodations (double-occupancy), all meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 10, in-country transportation (except airline transfers you may require), and entry fees for research stations, national parks, or such places visited as part of this tour.

Accommodations are two to a room. Please let us know if you’d like single-occupancy and we will be happy to quote you a single-occupancy rate.

Details: Six (6) spots are available and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The non-refundable deposit to reserve a place is $500 (if we can fill your spot we'll refund your deposit).

If we are forced to cancel the tour, a full refund will be given. However, is not responsible for reimbursement of any other trip related expenses (e.g. non-refundable airfare).


Trip insurance is always recommended.


What’s Not Included?

Travel to and from Costa Rica, airline transfer fees in-country or out, fees for passports, visas, immunizations, insurance, airport taxes, surcharges, exit fees, tips** for guides and wait staff, alcoholic beverages or other beverages not included with meals or accommodations, long distance phone calls, laundry, or any other items of a personal nature. In addition, the cost of hospitalization, medical services if needed, or expenses involved in evacuation would not be included.

TIPS:  To help make you feel more comfortable, we’ll discuss tipping protocol during our orientation on Day 1. We can't encourage you enough to tip wait staff and guides. By supporting Costa Ricans who engage in the nature-tourism industry you encourage conservation.

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